WHY we choose SHTECH?

Why the table top can be raised,the reason is that there is a electric tubular motor inside,and table top will get up or down under the control of the emitter or button from the motor.the motor is the heart of the table.

HANGZHOU SHTECH CO.,LTD.Founded in 1999,it is the leading manufacturer specialized in the tubular motor and motorized height-adjustable table.By more than 10 years efforts,we have passed ISO9001-2000 quality control system for the advanced management,under the stable and experienced worker team.now more and more customers from Europe and Australia—have taken SHTECH as the reliable partner.why not you?


Focus on the details

From the moment the button touches the button, the lift table starts and ends each action with an elegant gliding posture. Each transition is effortless and highly adjusted is done quickly and steadily.

This breakthrough speed can be achieved through dual output tubular motors and advanced microprocessor controllers. The speed and accuracy of each operating unit are extremely high. The whole process of noise is minimal, perfect and harmonious.